Program and Schedule

Please see the latest revision of the program.

NEW - talks are now posted in the program below!

The workshop is formatted around the principle of many short talks with time for discussion. This is to allow a broad range of ideas to be presented within a short workshop program. Posters are also invited and will be posted directly in the conference hall for break time and inter-session discussions.

Papers from the presented talks will be published in the proceedings; a copy is included in the registration fee for all participants. Slide presentations, submitted posters and other contributions will be posted on the conference website.

Given the tight schedule of talks it is clearly important that talks are short and concise. The 20 min talk slot should be a 15 min talk, allowing extra minutes for a few questions. We have also made room for a few very short late entry presentations. These talks should be just a few slides deliverable in 5 minutes. Note that additional posters are freely encouraged, if presenters wish to have a way to present more details. Also, extra detail can be added to the proceedings writeup. You should have your talk available as a powerpoint (.ppt) or pdf file, and preferably have the talk available on a USB memory key. We are hoping to have talks loaded onto a single computer prior to each session. It is suggested to test your talk on another windows computer to ensure no bad surprises in the rendering.

The following is the present schedule:

Friday 27th August

10:30am SNOLAB underground morning tour (wait in hotel lobby for 10:30am pickup). NOTE THE CHANGE TO AFTERNOON TOUR. If you are driving, arrive at SNOLAB by 11am at the latest.
5:30pm Cage up time to surface. Bus leaves about 5:45pm.

Saturday 28th August

7:30am Minibus pickup from hotel to the workshop (wait in hotel lobby)
8:00amRegistration desk opens for payment processing. Coffee and muffins/croissants
8:45amOfficial workshop opening and welcomeNigel Smith (SNLOAB Director)
9:00-10:20am Session 1 - Overview of global radioactivity measurement facilities Chair: Art McDonald
20 minNorth American facilitiesReyco Henning
20 minEuropean facilitiesLuciano Pandola
20 minAsian facilitiesMasayuki Nakahata
20 minFuture facilities: DUSELMurdock Gilchriese
10:20-10:40amCoffee break
10:40am-12:30pm Session 2 - Low background counting techniques Chair: Tony Noble
20 minUltra high purity ICP-MSBalz Kamber
20 minNAA techniques and applicationsRyan MacLellan
20 minUltra-sensitive NAA measurement of 232Th in copperMassimiliano Clemenza
20 minHigh efficiency liquid scintillator neutron vetoesAlex Wright
20 minBiPo detector for ultralow radioactivity measurementsMathieu Bongrand
10 minExtra questions and discussion
1:30-3:30pm Session 3 - Screening facilities and low background detectors Chair: Nigel Smith
20 minFAARM at DUSELPrisca Cushman
20 minLow background counting at SNOLABIan Lawson
20 minLow background physics at Kimbalton MineSean MacMullin
20 minRadon at Homestake and the Sanford low background labKeenan Thomas
20 minMuon-shielded counted facility at SoudanNathaniel Pastika
10 minXIA surface alpha counterJodi Cooley
10 minBetacage at CDMSZeesh Ahmed
3:30-3:50pmCoffee break
3:50-5:30pm Session 4 - fabrication methods and surface contamination control Chair: David Sinclair
20 minBackground reduction in electroformed UHP-CuEric Hoppe
20 minRadon daughter deposition modelVince Guiseppe
20 minAcrylic purications and coatingsMarcin Kuzniak
20 minProduction of low radioactivity cystals for CUOREIoan Dafinei
20 minLow radioactivity CaF2 scintillator crystals for CANDLESIzumi Ogawa
5:45pmMinibus return to hotels
7:00pmMinibus hotel pickup for dinner banquet at Respect is Burning restaurant.
10:30pmMinibus return to hotels

Sunday 29th August

8:00amMinibus pickup from hotel to the workshop (wait in hotel lobby)
8:00amRegistration desk opens for payment processing. Coffee and muffins/croissants
9:00-10:40am Session 5 - Experiments using low background techniques Chair: Aksel Hallin
20 minLow background techniques at XMASSAtsushi Takeda
20 minFront end electronics and cables for Majorana DemonstratorJames Loach
20 minLow background issues in Edelweiss-IIPia Loaiza
20 minLow background techniques in SuperNEMOFrederic Perrot
20 minBackground reduction for DEAP3600Bei Cai
10:40-11:00amCoffee break
11:00am-12:30pm Session 6 - Low background gas purification techniques Chair: Clarence Virtue
20 minLow background techniques in GERDAHardy Simgen
20 minBehavior of 222Rn at cryogenic temperaturesSebastian Lindemann
20 minXe purification and Rn measurement for EXOJacques Farine
20 minRn-free air production and cleanroom systemAksel Hallin
10 minRadon diffusion in PolyethyleneWolfgang Rau
1:30-3:10pm Session 7 - Low background liquid purification techniques Chair: Masayuki Nakahata
20 minKamland liquid scintillator and gas purificationSei Yoshida
20 minProduction and purification of Nd-scintillatorSunej Hans
20 minLead removal from liquid scintillator for low background KamlandGregory Keefer
20 minProduction and counting of uncontained sources in SNOSimon Peeters
20 minSNO+ purification and assayRichard Ford
3:10-3:30pmCoffee break
3:30-4:50pm Session 8 - Background studies, models, and simulations Chair: Mark Chen
20 minBackground simulations and shielding calculationsVitaly Kudryavtsev
20 minMonte Carlo simulation of low background experimentsHenrique Araujo
20 minProduction and suppression of 11CQuirin Meindl
20 minBackground studies in Xenon100 dark matter experimentMarc Weber
4:50-5:30pm Session 9 - Discussion on Co-ordination and resource sharing Chair: Prisca Cushman / Richard Ford
30 minOutline and decisions of the co-ordination discusionRichard Ford
Some minutes of the co-ordination discussionAnthony Villano
10 minDiscussion about LRT2012International committee
5:30pmWorkshop closed
5:45pmMinibus return to hotels

Monday 30th August

6:30am SNOLAB underground morning tour (wait in hotel lobby for 6:30am pickup). If you are driving, arrive at SNOLAB by 7am at the latest.
12:30pm Cage up time. Lunch is then available. Buses to hotels at about 1:30pm.

The following posters are presented:


1Improved scintillator materials for compact electron antineutrino detectorsPeter Dijkstra
2Production and purification of depleted argon gasHenning Back
3Ultra-low background alpha counting for SuperCDMSLauren Hsu
4Surface impurities and cleaning techniquesGrzegorz Zuzel