SNOLAB hybrid seminar series returns for third year

February 08, 2024 — Facility Updates

With a new year in full swing, the SNOLAB seminar series has returned for the 2024 calendar year. The seminar series features experimental and theoretical physicists from Canada and around the world presenting their most recent research. This provides a rich opportunity for the SNOLAB community to hear about the current developments and results from the international community.  

“The SNOLAB Seminar Series brings to the laboratory the emerging frontier of ideas and technologies, while at the same time connecting SNOLAB experts to a whole new audience of potential scientific leaders and laboratory users,” said Dr. Stephen Sekula, who is the Research Group Manager and a member of the SNOLAB Seminar Committee. “Both of these are essential for the creation of future research directions for SNOLAB and our community.”  

The 2023 Seminar Series capped off the year with a speaker travelling to SNOLAB to present their work. Dr. Karoline Schaeffner, from the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Germany, presented on her work with the COSINUS experiment in a presentation titled Cryogenic, Calorimetric, COSINUS – towards the clarification of the puzzling DAMA signal.  

“The seminar allowed me to introduce COSINUS, my experiment presently in the making at LNGS, to SNOLAB scientists and discuss recent results and next steps in the direction of clarifying the long-lasting DAMA/LIBRA signal,” said Dr. Schaeffner. 

As part of her time at SNOLAB, she visited our unique underground laboratory space. 

Seminar speaker Dr. Karoline Schaeffner with SNOLAB Research Scientist Dr. Andy Kubik on top of the CUTE facility.

“Since I like low-temperatures physics, seeing the CUTE test facility and the SuperCDMS cryostat open was definitely a highlight,” said Dr. Schaeffner. “But also all the other experiments and the organization of the lab itself was truly impressive!” 

SNOLAB is looking forward to welcoming a variety of speakers throughout the year who will share science from the forefront of their fields. All seminars are offered in a hybrid format with most speakers presenting remotely. Seminars typically take place on Mondays at 1pm Eastern Time. Stay up to date by visiting the seminar series webpage.

(Feature image: Dr. Karoline Schaeffner examining the CUTE facility up close)