Media visits can be organized. To inquire, please contact SNOLAB’s Senior Communications Officer, Michael Whitehouse.
+1 705 692 7000 ext. 2207

SNOLAB is always written as one word and all of the letters are capitalized. SNOLAB is the name of our organization and facility and is not an acronym or abbreviation, and should not be accompanied by the word ‘the’.

Film crews should be aware that there are filming restrictions on site. Wireless equipment, including wireless mics, are generally not permitted underground due to possible interference with mining activities. Any wireless equipment must be tested prior to being used underground. Testing must be arranged in advance. It is strongly recommended that wireless microphones not be used.

Filming in the Vale areas must be approved in advance. Please indicate if such filming is desired and SNOLAB will assist with the approval.

A selection of approved media images is available below.