To be the leading international laboratory in deep underground science, hosting the world’s most advanced experiments that provide insight into the nature of the universe.


In support of its vision, SNOLAB will:

Our Core Values


This is the foundation upon which we realize our mission: we are committed, both individually and as a team, to protecting the health and safety of our staff, users and collaborators, and visitors.


We are committed to making full use of and continual improvement to our skills and knowledge. Our focus is on delivering high-quality inspiring science, through driving, supporting, and enabling excellence in research, operations, and community relations.


We are committed to the belief that each member brings unique experience and important expertise to the workplace, allowing project challenges to be resolved and creating a work environment that supports cooperation and collaboration in all aspects of work.


We are committed to strengthening our team by embracing different perspectives. We strive to ensure our culture and work environment are fair and respectful and support the success of all. Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace will accelerate science, innovation, and discovery.


We are committed to upholding an environment of trust, responsibility, and accountability to each other and to our external research communities, funding agencies, and public sponsors. We design our internal governance structures according to best practices and always respect these structures.

Strategic goals

Our plan for 2023-2029 leverages past investments and builds on SNOLAB’s strong record of achievements and recognized strengths. It also ideally positions us to capitalize on emerging global opportunities in deep underground science. Our plan is underpinned by three core pillars:

Drive Breakthrough Discoveries at the Frontiers of Underground Science
Canada has a strong global reputation for producing high-calibre discovery research, particularly in astroparticle and particle physics, which comprise around 95% of SNOLAB’s scientific program. Most of the experiments we host in these fields are large-scale international projects involving a host of collaborators. They aim to illuminate new insights into the particles and forces that have shaped the universe. Discoveries in either dark matter or neutrinos could have dramatic impacts on fundamental understanding of the universe. Aligning our science priorities with both national and international planning activities enables us to attract the best scientists and opportunities to SNOLAB and prepares us for the future.
Our deep underground lab offers a unique environment for driving knowledge about manmade and natural sources of radiation in the environment. That makes it well-suited to experiments in emerging underground fields such as quantum computing, nuclear forensics, and life sciences. Canada’s involvement in the rapidly growing quantum technology industry is expanding. Research and testing on superconducting quantum devices in SNOLAB’s low-radiation environment will provide valuable insights to advance and operate the technology. Detection of very small levels of radioisotopes can provide crucial information about nuclear events. While we have begun exploring and hosting experiments in these areas, we have not tapped into the full potential of these opportunities.
Enabling and delivering world-class international research projects across an increasingly diversified portfolio will accelerate progress, open new avenues of knowledge, and keep SNOLAB—and Canada—at the forefront of research excellence. 

Continuously Improve Our Research Infrastructure to Remain State of the Art
World-class infrastructure is the foundation for the development of high-impact science and technology. It includes not only physical research facilities and equipment, but also the tools, processes, technologies, and operational and engineering expertise that support experiments. As Canada’s only deep underground laboratory and a major science infrastructure, SNOLAB provides a unique facility with leading-edge expertise that continues to evolve to meet the changing scientific demands of top international researchers.
As we grow and diversify our research portfolio and the requirements for great depth and low radiological backgrounds become even more stringent for experiments, we must continuously evaluate, expand, and adapt our infrastructure capacity, supporting technologies, and business practices. Doing so will allow us to maintain operational excellence and safety standards.

Foster and Develop Diverse Talent in an Inclusive Environment
People are at the heart of SNOLAB’s success: our staff of researchers, technicians, engineers, and operations and corporate professionals who provide dedicated support to the experiments we host and the many collaborators who come to the facility to work on experiments. We know that world-class science and research excellence require contributions from diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences. And we are committed to creating a culture and work environment that is safe and respectful for everyone. In 2020 we formalized our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusivity (EDI) by implementing an EDI Action Plan. While we have made significant and measurable progress, we know we have more to do. Our ambition is to be recognized as a world-leading laboratory in EDI best practices, setting an example for other laboratories.
Canada’s economic prosperity and competitiveness depend on building and retaining a highly skilled workforce. SNOLAB contributes to Canada’s talent pool by creating HQP. We attract talented graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and technical professionals to Canada and Northern Ontario. And we provide them with a formative work experience as members of both small and large collaborative international teams, along with unique training opportunities in underground science and creative technical innovation.
We also help inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators through our public engagement and outreach activities. Communicating the excitement about the science at SNOLAB nurtures curiosity and scientific literacy as well as making us the go-to resource for underground science educational tools.