Our Mandate

The primary role of the Board of Directors is the stewardship of the SNOLABI Trust Agreement on behalf of the member institutions and other key stakeholders. The Board’s mandate is to govern SNOLAB affairs and to ensure the achievement of its strategic plan. The Board is also responsible for ensuring that SNOLAB is integrated with its communities, partners and through effective linkages with those which SNOLAB collaborates.

SNOLAB Board of Directors

Robert Svoboda

Chair Professor of Physics UC Davis Learn more about Robert Svoboda

Aksel Hallin

Vice-Chair Professor and Canada Research Chair in Astroparticle Physics University of Alberta Learn more about Aksel Hallin

Ellie Brümmer

Regional Technology Head Vale Base Metals Learn more about Ellie Brümmer

Tom Corr

CEO and founder AI Partnerships Corporation Learn more about Tom Corr

Sandra Crocker

Associate Vice-President (Research Planning and Operations) Carleton University Learn more about Sandra Crocker

Tammy Eger

Vice President, Research Laurentian University Learn more about Tammy Eger

Nancy Ross

VP Research Queen’s University Learn more about Nancy Ross

Luc Stafford

Associate Vice-Rector Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation Université de Montréal Learn more about Luc Stafford

Kim Sturgess

Founder and CEO WaterSMART Solutions Ltd. Learn more about Kim Sturgess