The Education and Outreach team at SNOLAB have created a number of resources to help share the science underway at SNOLAB with K-12 audiences and to support public education initiatives.

Pi Day

Experiment posters

These posters provide a great visual overview of some SNOLAB-hosted experiments and share a bit of science behind how they work.

Build a particle detector

Introduce your students to modern physics and generate excitement about subatomic particles by building a particle detector in class using the resource linked below.

TedEd videos from SNOLAB

The animated lessons below were created by members of the SNOLAB team. Find questions to help you dig deeper into the content of each lesson below the video link.

Find questions about the lesson here.
Find questions about the lesson here.

SNOLAB info notes

Below are a selection of downloadable pdf handouts exploring the various science threads being explored by the different experiments in the SNOLAB science program.

English info notes

French info notes

Presentations and talks

General presentations about SNOLAB can be organized for classrooms and groups. To inquire, please contact Blaire Flynn in SNOLAB’s Education and Outreach Office at Explore the links below to watch seminars and talks. Learn about science topics at SNOLAB and hear updates from members of our research community.