SNOLAB Virtual Seminar Series

SNOLAB runs a virtual series of research seminars bringing together experimental and theoretical physicists from across Canada and around the world to present their most recent research.

Jan. 11Prof. Phil S. Barbeau (Duke U.)New coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering results
Jan. 18Prof. Alfredo D. Ferella (L’Aquila U.)Status and science program of the XENON experiments
Jan. 25Prof. Irene Tamborra (Copenhagen U.)Neutrinos in astrophysics and cosmology – theory
Feb. 1Prof. Alison Lister (UBC)Dark sector at ATLAS
Feb. 8Prof. Gwen Grinyer (Regina U.)Nuclear structure and astrophysics
Mar. 1Dr. Javier Tiffenberg (FNAL)SENSEI experiment

Seminars are typically held on Mondays at 1:00 pm Eastern Time. For more information, please contact

The McDonald Institute also hosts a virtual seminar series – more information can be found on their website.