In June 2001, SNO Scientists used the capability of the SNO detector to measure all three types of neutrinos to determine solar neutrinos are changing their flavour enroute to Earth, thus providing answers to questions about neutrino properties and solar energy generation. SNO was the first neutrino detector in the World to identify the changes in neutrinos during their journey from the Sun.

Since this initial finding, SNO and SNOLAB have continued to generate published reports concerning neutrinos and other topics involved in our science programme. There have been in excess of 700 technical reports issued detailing technical and other matters relating to the construction and calibration of the neutrino detector as well as more than 50 published papers and conference proceedings on astroparticle physics research undertaken at SNO and SNOLAB.

Collaboration Title
PICO Dark Matter Search Results from the PICO-2L C3F8 Bubble Chamber
C Amole, M Ardid,D Asner, et at.

SNO+ A Scintillator Purification Plant and Fluid Handling System for SNO+
Richard Ford for the SNO+ Collaboration

SNO+ Probing neutrinoless double beta decay with SNO+
E Arushanova and A Back

SNO+ The calibration system for the photomultiplier array of the SNO+ experiment
R Alves, S Andringa, S Bradbury, et al.

DEAP Improving photoelectron counting and particle identification in scintillation detectors with Bayesian techniques
M. Akashi-Ronquest, P.-A. Amaudruz, M. Batygov,

DEAP Radon backgrounds in the DEAP-1 liquid-argon-based Dark Matter detector
DEAP Collaboration, T. Pollmann

A Chavarria, J Tiffenberg, A Aguilar-Arevalo, et al.

DEAP Search for Dark Matter with Liquid Argon and Pulse Shape Discrimination: Results from DEAP-1 and Status of DEAP-3600
P. Gorel for the DEAP Collaboration

CLEAN Update on the MiniCLEAN Dark Matter Experiment
K. Rielage, M. Akashi-Ronquest, M. Bodmer, et al.

SuperCDMS Search for Low-Mass WIMPs with SuperCDMS
R Agnese, AJ Anderson, M Asai et al.

CLEAN Design of the MiniCLEAN dark matter search veto detector subsystem
R Abruzzio, B Buck, S Jaditz et al.

Other DAMIC: a novel dark matter experiment
J Tiffenberg

DEAP Radon backgrounds in the DEAP-1 liquid-argon-based Dark Matter detector
PA Amaudruz, M Batygov, B Beltran et al.

SuperCDMS Dark Matter Direct Detection With Low Temperature Detectors
N Mirabolfathi

COUPP Direct Measurement of the Bubble Nucleation Energy Threshold in a CF3I Bubble Chamber
E Behnke, T Benjamin, SJ Brice et al.

CLEAN Measurement of the elastic scattering cross section of neutrons from argon and neon
S MacMullin, M Kidd, R Henning et al.

CLEAN Design of an active magnetic field compensation system for MiniCLEAN
M Bodmer, F Giuliani et al.

DEAP Acrylic purification and coatings
M Kuzniak

COUPP First Dark Matter Search Results from a 4-kg CF3I Bubble Chamber Operated in a Deep Underground Site
E. Behnke et al.
arXiv:1204.3094 (Apr 2012)
DEAP DEAP-3600 Dark Matter Search at SNOLAB
M.G. Boulay for the DEAP Collaboration
arXiv:1203.0604 (Mar 2012)
PICASSO Constraints on Low-Mass WIMP Interactions on 19F from PICASSO
S. Archambault et al.
Physics Letters B. Volume 711, Issue 2, 3 May 2012, Pages 153–161
arXiv:1202.1240 (Feb 2012)
SNOLAB Activities of γ-ray emitting isotopes in rainwater from Greater Sudbury, Canada following the Fukushima incident
B. T. Cleveland et al.
arXiv:1201.3970 (Jan 2012)
PUPS POLARIS Underground Project at SNO (PUPS), Final Report
G.M. Atkinson, N. Kraeva
Prepared for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, UWO Canada, 86 p.
NWMO TR-2009-02, December 2011
CLEAN The MiniCLEAN Dark Matter Experiment
A. Hime for the MiniCLEAN Collaboration
arXiv:1110.1005 (Oct 2011)
SNO Combined Analysis of all Three Phases of Solar Neutrino Data from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
B. Aharmim et al.
arXiv:1109.0763 (Sep 2011)
SNO+ Scintillation decay time and pulse shape discrimination in oxygenated and deoxygenated solutions of linear alkylbenzene for the SNO+ experiment
H.M. O'Keeffe et al.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, Volume 640, Issue 1, 1 June 2011, Pages 119-122
arXiv:1102.0797 (Feb 2011)
PUPS Ground-Motion Attenuation at Short Hypocentral Distances (<30 km) near Sudbury, Ontario
G.M. Atkinson et al.
Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 101, 433-437
DEAP Scintillation of thin tetraphenyl butadiene films under alpha particle excitation
T. Pollmann et al.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, Volume 635, Issue 1, 11 April 2011, Pages 127-130
arXiv:1011.1012 (Nov 2010)
SNOLAB The Construction and Anticipated Science of SNOLAB
F. Duncan et al.
Annu. Rev. Nucl. Part Sci. 2010. 60: 163-80
PUPS Ground Motions Underground Compared to Those on the Surface: A Case Study from Sudbury, Ontario
G.M. Atkinson et al.
Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 100, 1293-1305
SNOLAB Measurement of the thorium-228 activity in solutions cavitated by ultrasonic sound
R. Ford et al.
Physics Letters A, Volume 374, Issue 5, 18 January 2010, Pages 701-703
arXiv:0911.1387 (Sep 2011)
DEAP Measurement of the scintillation time spectra and pulse-shape discrimination of low-energy beta and nuclear recoils in liquid argon with DEAP-1
M.G. Boulay et al.
arXiv:0904.2930 (Apr 2009)
PUPS A very close look at a moderate earthquake near Sudbury, Ontario
G.M. Atkinson et al.
Seismological Research Letters, vol. 79, 119-131
PUPS POLARIS Underground Project at SNO (PUPS), Report on 1 Years Studies
G.M. Atkinson, S.L. Kaka
Prepared for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, UWO Canada, 57 p.
NWMO TR-2007-16, December 2007
SNOLAB Shotcrete Application in SNOLAB
S. Bhan, F. Duncan, I. Lawson, C. McDonald