Brigitte Vachon

Brigitte Vachon is Professor and James McGill Chair in the Physics Department at McGill University.  Her research focuses on the investigation of elementary particles and their interactions at the energy frontier and the development of novel instrumentation for discovery research, such as the DZero Central Track Trigger at Fermilab, the ATLAS High Level Trigger, muon New Small Wheels and development of the liquid argon calorimeter readout electronics, at the CERN laboratory.

Vachon received her PhD in Physics from University of Victoria and subsequently worked at Fermilab as a Lederman Postdoctoral Fellow.  

She joined the department of Physics at McGill University in 2004 as a recipient of a Canada Research Chair (Tier-2). Vachon has served on a number of national and international advisory committees including the Canadian Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan Committee, Physics Preparatory Group for the European Particle Physics Strategy Update, EIC Detector Advisory Committee and Fermilab Long Baseline Neutrino Committee.