World Quality Day Feature: Karen Galipeau

November 14, 2019 — People Stories

Karen Galipeau is the Senior Quality Assurance Officer at SNOLAB.  

While her job is about quality, risk is the opposite side of quality management. In celebration of World Quality Day on November 14th, we’d like to recognize Karen’s recent accomplishments in quality assurance and risk management.    

Once considered exclusive to the financial domain, risk management is an increasingly recognized skillset for organizations of all kinds. Risk is a part of all enterprises, large or small, at every level of governance, operations, and business.    

Karen recently completed her Masters Certificate in Risk Management and Business Performance Leadership at the Schulich School of Business at York University. They define risk management as being “about identifying the uncertainties and challenges that could inhibit your business’ success, then determining how to allocate resources to make sure those challenges are addressed and your business achieves its strategic targets.”    

This program teaches the fundamental risk management skills, including risk assessment, developing strategies and controls to manage risk, and monitoring the efficacy of those controls. The Schulich School of Business brings industry experts in risk management into the classroom to facilitate workshops, empowering participants with the skills and tools to apply these principles within their own organizations.    

Congratulations to Karen on the successful completion of her masters certificate!

Chelsea Pike