The science of bubbles at home

June 19, 2020 — Local Community

Looking for a fun weekend activity? Look no further! We’re sad that we can’t bring science fun to the community in the same way this summer, so we wanted to share something that can be done at home with minimal equipment and is fun for all ages.

This is the recipe for SNOLAB’s favourite bubble solution (we tested out several last year and this was the winner). We used it last summer for events at Sudbury Pride and the Farmer’s Market, and it got stellar reviews. If you don’t have glycerin, it can be found at most grocery and drugstores. You can also make bubble solution without it, the bubbles might just be a bit smaller.

If you want to learn more about the science of bubbles (how are they formed? What shapes do they make?), check out this PDF. We’d love to see your bubbles – if you share photos, tag us @SNOLABscience!