SNOLAB welcomes Review of Fundamental Science

April 11, 2017 — Uncategorized

SNOLAB welcomes the release of the “Review of Fundamental Science in Canada” report commissioned by Minister of Science, Kirsty Duncan last summer.  Minister Duncan convened a nine-member advisory panel to review the system of federal funding and support for research at universities, colleges, hospitals and other institutions that sit outside of government departments and agencies. The panel, led by former University of Toronto president David Naylor, received 1,275 written submissions from individuals and groups and met with 230 researchers at round tables in five major cities.

The recommendations detailed in the report provide a framework for strengthening the coordination across the Canadian federal research structures, and for reinvigorating the foundations of Canadian research. We welcome the recommendations related to the development of robust coordination and oversight mechanisms for Major Science Facilities, and the development of a stable funding stream for research infrastructure. These recommendations serve to make an immediate and major impact, addressing future needs in the scientific landscape and ensuring Canadian research can maximise federal investments made.

We look forward to working with the new Chief Science Advisor and continuing our partnership with the federal government to enhance Canada’s global leadership in our research areas. Read the full document here.