SNOLAB to host photographers for the Global Physics Photowalk

April 17, 2018 — Facility Updates

This June SNOLAB will join major science facilities for an international photo competition; the Global Physics Photowalk. An event that sees over a dozen physics laboratories open their doors to amateur and professional photographers for a behind the scenes look at some of the world’s most exciting and groundbreaking science facilities.

The top photographs from the SNOLAB Photowalk will be selected by a local jury and each participating laboratory will select three photographs to advance on to the international competition that will run until the end of the summer. The winning photos will be selected by a jury and a public vote and will have the opportunity to be featured in the CERN Courier and in Symmetry magazine.

The SNOLAB Photowalk is open to all photographers; the number of participants is limited to 20, and the deadline to be considered is May 4th.  Find the full registration and participation details at the SNOLAB Photowalk webpage.


SNOLAB is a deep underground science laboratory specializing in particle physics. Located 2 km below the surface in the Vale Creighton Mine located near Sudbury Ontario Canada, SNOLAB is an expansion of the facilities constructed for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) solar neutrino experiment. The facility is operated by the SNOLAB Institute whose member institutions are Carleton University, Laurentian University, Queen’s University, University of Alberta and Université de Montréal.   

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