SNOLAB students present at Student Talk Competition

April 20, 2023 — Events

This week a group of six undergraduate students participated in the SNOLAB Student Talk Competition that takes place each term. Topics ranged from seismic activity data flow to neutron spectrometry.  

The Student Talk Competition is an opportunity for students to show off their hard work from the term and to practice giving presentations in a supportive, professional environment.  

“Presentation skills are very valuable for students, both for their studies and later work life – no matter where they end up”, said head judge, Dr. Christine Kraus, “It is wonderful for the SNOLAB community to see what has been accomplished during the term.” 

A special congratulations to the winners of this term’s competition who stood out for their well-delivered talks and thorough responses to audience questions. 

First place: Chaitanya Luktuke, completed 2nd year, University of Waterloo 

Second place: Ana Colina, completed 3rd year, McMaster University 

Third place: Jeffrey Glasier, 4th year, University of Waterloo 

Congratulations to all the participants in the 2023 Winter Student Talk Competition! We can’t wait to see what you do next!