SNOLAB Research scientists recognized by Laurentian University

July 24, 2023 — People Stories

Recently, Laurentian University held a ceremony to recognize 42 faculty who have attracted external grant funding over the past two years.  

Among those recognized were SNOLAB research scientists Richard Ford, Jeter Hall, Chris Jillings, Christine Kraus, and Ian Lawson, all of whom hold both positions at SNOLAB and faculty positions at Laurentian University that allow them to attract and manage research grants in support of SNOLAB science.  

SNOLAB Executive Director Jodi Cooley was on hand at the ceremony to congratulate the SNOLAB researchers. 

“I am very proud of our staff. We at SNOLAB value our partnership with Laurentian University which makes it possible for our researchers to compete for and secure the competitive research grants that are necessary for the excellent science we do,” Cooley said.  

SNOLAB, the deepest-cleanest underground research facility in the world, has made Canada a leader in underground science, infrastructure, and expertise. Located two kilometres underground, SNOLAB uses the Canadian Shield to protect experiments from cosmic rays that constantly bombard the Earth’s surface. SNOLAB research scientists continue to push the boundaries of scientific discovery made possible by the unique location of SNOLAB, the facility’s cutting-edge infrastructure, and world-class team.  

“I am certainly grateful for the effort made by our team of research scientists to advance the boundaries of human knowledge, share discoveries, and train the next generation of scientists,” Cooley said. 

From left to right: Dr. Jeter Hall, Dr. Christine Krauss, Dr. Richard Ford, and Dr. Jodi Cooley. Not pictured are Dr. Chris Jillings and Dr. Ian Lawson. These SNOLAB scientists were celebrated recently by Laurentian University for attracting external grant funding.