SNOLAB remembers Professor Hawking

March 14, 2018 — Astrophysics News

SNOLAB is extremely sad to learn of Professor Stephen Hawking’s passing earlier today.  Although Professor Hawking was a theoretical physicist, his personality, wit and sarcasm made him a legacy across all science fields.

SNOLAB was fortunate to host Professor Hawking at SNOLAB on two occasions; in 1998 and again in 2012. Hawking charmed the staff and visitors and was exceedingly gracious in posing for pictures with anyone who was interested and took time to interact with everyone (while reminding us that we were 20 years behind building what he had been theorizing).

We join the world in celebrating a man who devoted his life to making the universe a more comprehensible place for the rest of us and send our condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

“My favourite Hawking quote: “Go faster”, when descending down the 2km shaft to visit SNOLAB. An amazing character with a great sense of humour” Dr. Nigel Smith, Executive Director, SNOLAB