SNOLAB endorses Dimensions charter

August 19, 2021 — Facility Updates

Last month SNOLAB joined over 127 institutions across Canada who are official endorsers the Dimensions charter. An initiative of NSERC (the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada), the charter is foundational to the Dimensions pilot program that aims to transform post-secondary research experiences, and contributions by achieving greater equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) across Canada’s research community.  

By committing to the charter’s principles and implementing actions to achieve the charter outcomes, institutions demonstrate their recognition that improving EDI strengthens our research communities. In turn, these efforts will improve the quality, relevance and impact of research, and the opportunities for the full pool of potential participants. SNOLAB Executive Director Dr. Clarence Virtue said, “SNOLAB is proud to endorse the Dimensions Charter whose principles, designed to achieve greater equity, diversity, and inclusion, are so well aligned to our vision and core values.”

In 2020, SNOLAB initiated the formation of a task force to create an EDI Action Plan for the facility. This group conducted a survey of the staff and user groups to gain a baseline measurement, and to identify areas where SNOLAB can improve as an organization through the creation of a short-term EDI Action Plan. The action plan will guide SNOLAB from 2020 through to 2023 and is focused on creating meaningful and measurable progress and building a culture at SNOLAB that embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion.  

As SNOLAB works through its 2023-2029 Strategic Planning process, in response to community consultation, EDI has emerged as an area of focus that will be important in supporting the research community and realizing the vision.  

Learn more about the Dimensions initiative at the NSERC website and read the Dimensions Charter HERE