SNOLAB Director talks collaboration in Washington

May 03, 2017 — Facility Updates

Dr. Nigel Smith, Director of SNOLAB, traveled to Washington, D.C this week along with Nobel Laureate Dr. Art McDonald and Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan to discuss international research collaboration, particularly the US-Canada collaboration on the SNO experiment and at the SNOLAB underground laboratory. Minister Duncan reiterated the Canadian government’s commitment to international collaboration in science. 

SNOLAB recognises the power of partnership to advance scientific discovery. We know we are stronger when we work together, harnessing the expertise and resources of our academic, government and industry partners from around the world to deliver scientific research, innovation and societal impact.  SNOLAB has a userbase that inlcudes almost 80 institutions in 15 countries and involves almost 500 researchers, engineers, technicians and students, all working to delver high quality research.