Science Minister Talks Innovation and Support

August 17, 2017 — Events

SNOLAB was proud to host the Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science, today. The Minister, along with Nickel Belt MP Marc Serré, Lucie Perreault of FedNor, and Emily Depenveen of NSERC toured the underground facility.  Visitors spoke with research scientists about the experiments currently underway at SNOLAB. This visit coincided with our Future Planning Workshop, a two-day component of SNOLAB’s medium term planning process, wherein all experiments interested in using underground lab space over the next 10 years present their plans, capabilities, and requirements. Following the underground tour, Minister Duncan addressed the Future Planning Workshop attendees, saying “to the international researchers here today thank you for coming. Thank you for choosing to do work here in Canada. I hope you will keep Canada in mind as you consider your next major research project. To the Canadian researchers here I want to know they your government believes in your work, values your tremendous efforts and is committed to supporting you.”   

In addition to affirming the government’s commitment to science and support of researchers, the Minister discussed how meaningful it was to visit SNOLAB, having followed its development through her own career as a scientist.

Representatives of two of SNOLAB’s local industrial partners were also on site today – Barrydowne Paint and Specialty Alloys. Minister Duncan took the time to meet with them, hearing how their products are an integral part of the underground facilities. Barrydowne Paints provided the zero-emission paint that is used to seal the walls underground, to reduce background radiation which would interfere with sensitive detectors in the experiments. Specialty Alloys created the support structure for DEAP-3600, in addition to other experimental infrastructure at SNOLAB. One of the challenges they face is building components in pieces that can then be assembled underground.

Today’s events were a good reminder for the entire SNOLAB community that the research done here is only possible because of the efforts of so many. It was a pleasure to welcome the Minister of Science on a day when the collaboration SNOLAB is built upon was so evident, from community partners to international experiment teams. 

by: Jenna Saffin, Communications Coordinator, SNOLAB

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