Pride month virtual backgrounds

November 04, 2020 — Uncategorized

After sharing our SNOLAB-themed virtual backgrounds, a member of our community suggested Pride backgrounds for the month of June. We’ve created a special edition of SNOLAB virtual backgrounds to help people celebrate and to raise awareness for Pride Month. The backgrounds make use of the original the rainbow Pride flag created in 1978 by artist Gilbert Baker, the More Color More Pride rainbow flag created by the city of Philadelphia in 2017, and the Progress flag created by Daniel Quasar.

The More Color More Pride rainbow flag was created with the addition of brown and black stripes to be more inclusive of LGBTQ+ people of colour. The Progress flag reimagines the 2017 flag to place the colours representing trans and queer people of colour in a chevron shape to show forward movement, while acknowledging that there is still progress to be made.

You can find the backgrounds here.

Happy Pride Month!