New mural unveiled at SNOLAB

June 21, 2023 — Facility Updates

Today we recognize National Indigenous Peoples Day. We acknowledge the fundamental contributions that First Nations, Inuit, and the Métis Nation have made to the identity and culture of all Canadians.  

Last week, a new mural was unveiled to SNOLAB staff and users following a smudge ceremony. Will Morin, a local artist and knowledge keeper, created the piece that now hangs in the lobby of SNOLAB. The mural features the Dream Catcher in the centre, where the spiral paths of the neutrinos emerge from within, going out in all directions. Several other recognizable elements are present in the mural:  

Waasinoode (meaning Northern Light) 

M’tigwaaki (meaning forest) 

Jiibay Miikana (meaning Milky Way) 

Ode-min (meaning strawberry) 

Kiiwe-di-nang (meaning going home star) 

We are thrilled to have this piece displayed as a daily reminder of the history, art, traditions, and cultures of Indigenous Peoples that have shaped our past and continue to influence who we are today.