July 04, 2018 — Events

LGBTQ+ people in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) continue to struggle to openly be themselves, and this cannot continue. This change must happen as soon as possible, and so July 5th will be #LGBTSTEMDay, the first international day of LGBTQ+ people in STEM.

“Solving these problems, requires nothing short of a revolution in how we do science, talk about science, and how we expect science to be. We need inclusive and intersectional changes. To solve the many diverse challenges humanity is facing in the twenty-first century we cannot afford losing people from minority backgrounds,” said Dr. Alfredo Carpineti, Chair and Founder of Pride in STEM, a British charitable trust, and one of the primary organisers of the initiative.

SNOLAB is proud to support diversity in physics and want to encourage a safe and supportive environment for all. We hope this initiative will help raise awareness and reinforce an inclusive community in STEM across the globe. #LGBTSTEMDay

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