DEAP-3600 Experiment has international reach

March 03, 2014 — Experiment Updates

A Sussex physics student won ‘most outstanding project’ at an exhibition in Parliament on February 25, celebrating the UK’s best undergraduate research.

Talitha Bromwich, now in the final year of her MPhys degree at Sussex, spent last summer working on the DEAP3000 dark-matter detector after being selected for the University’s Junior Research Associate scheme.

The JRA scheme is an opportunity for talented and ambitious undergraduate students to participate in original research with staff and other members of the University community.

Miss Bromwich is supervised by Dr. Simon Peeters, a lecturer in Experimental Particle Physics at the University of Sussex and a long-time collaborator on the SNO+ and DEAP-3600 experiments, both hosted at SNOLAB. 

Congratulations Talitha!

Full story available here.

(Photograph courtesy of University of Sussex)