Canadian Particle Astrophysics Research Centre Awarded CFREF Funding

September 06, 2016 — Astrophysics News

In a release today, Queen’s University announced it has received an investment of $63.7 million from the Government of Canada’s Canada First Research Excellence Fund to support the creation of Canadian Particle Astrophysics Research Centre (CPARC).

The funding will support 41 new positions for researchers, engineers, designers and technicians while supporting numerous graduate and postgraduate students.  “Through this initiative we will develop new particle astrophysics detectors capable of probing the highest priority questions in physics today while integrating students, fostering greater international collaboration, engaging industry and cementing Canada’s place as the global leader in the field,” says Tony Noble, Interim Director of CPARC.

Based at Queen’s, this new research centre will include members located at seven Canadian universities and partner with 5 Canadian research institutions including SNOLAB. “SNOLAB is delighted to partner with Queen’s University and the Canadian particle astrophysics community on this amazing initiative. The CFREF-funded Canadian Particle Astrophysics Research Centre will enable the Canadian research community to strengthen both domestic and international connections, develop new research projects at the leading-edge of contemporary physics, and fully utilize the substantial investment already made by Canada in this field. What great news for Queen’s and our research community,”  says Nigel Smith, Director of SNOLAB. 

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For more information on the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, please visit the CFREF website.  

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