SuSi 2024

The SNOLAB Underground Science Institute (SuSi) is a training and development program centred on academic lectures and activities delivered by experts in their fields. There will also be professional development opportunities. The 2024 SuSi program will focus on thee topics:  the dark cosmos, neutrino science, and quantum technology.

The lecture series is aimed at graduate students (PhD level) and post-doctoral researchers, but other participants are welcome. SuSi will enhance the SNOLAB research experience and contribute to an exiting summer. Participants will be offered five lectures in every two-week and otherwise have time to work on projects at SNOLAB.

There is a limited availability of seats in the program. Applications for the program will be accepted first, followed by a review period and then invitations to register for the program. Applications are due by April 1, 2024.