SNOLAB Grand Opening Workshop

May 14-16, 2012 at SNOLAB

Monday, May 14: Morning Session

8:30WelcomeNigel Smith, SNOLAB  
8:45Final Results from SNOAksel Hallin, University of Alberta(PDF)(PPTX)
9:30Solar Models and the CNO CycleCarlos Peña Garay, University of Valencia(PDF) 
10:45Future Solar Neutrino ExperimentsMark Chen, Queen’s University(PDF) 
11:15Super Nova Physics and NeutrinosChristian Cardall, Oak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF) 
11:45Super Nova Watches and HALOClarence Virtue, Laurentian University(PDF)(PPTX)

Monday, May 14: Afternoon Session

1:00First poster session   
1:45Earth ModelsBill McDonough, University of Maryland(PDF)(PPTX)
2:30Geo NeutrinosSteve Dye, Hawaii Pacific University(PDF)(PPT)
3:15CDMSWolfgang Rau, Queen’s University(PDF) 
4:15MiniCLEANKeith Rielage, Los Alamos National Laboratory(PDF) 
5:00DEAPMark Boulay, Queen’s University(PDF)(ODP)

Tuesday, May 15: Morning Session and Tour

8:00Overview of Double Beta DecayKai Zuber, T.U. Dresden(PDF) 
9:00KamLAND-ZenHiroko Watanabe, Tohoku University(PDF) 
9:45EXOKevin Graham, Carleton University(PDF) 
10:15SNO+Nasim Fatemighomi, Queen’s University  
11:00MajoranaChang-Hong Yu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory(PDF)(PPTX)
11:30GERDAStefan Schönert, T.U. Munich(PDF) 
12:00Second Poster Session   
12:45Lunch for those on tour   
1:15Preparation for tour   
2:00Cage down for tour   
6:00Cage up for tour   
7:00DinnerSixth Avenue Golf Course, Lively  

Wednesday, May 16: Morning Tour and Afternoon Session

6:45Preparation for tour 
7:40Cage down for tour 
11:30Third Poster SessionFor those on surface
12:30Cage up for tour 
1:00CUOREKarsten Heeger, University of Wisconsin(PDF) 
1:45Dark Matter and Particle PhysicsNatalia Toro, Perimeter Institute(PDF) 
2:45DarksideFrank Calaprice, Princeton University  
3:15PICASSOVictor Zacek, University of Montréal(PDF) 
4:00Coffee and snack   
4:15COUPPJuan Collar, University of Chicago(PDF) 
5:00LUX and xenon experimentsRichard Gaitskell, Brown University(PDF) 
5:30Reactor neutrinosBob McKeown, Jefferson Laboratory(PDF) 
6:15T2K Results and StatusFabrice Retiere, TRIUMF(PDF)