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FLAME (flies in a mine) is an experiment studying the biological effects of spending time working deep underground (specifically at higher pressure), using fruit flies. Findings from FLAME could be used to improve health outcomes for people working underground.

Did you know?

  • The flies used in FLAME are the same species you find buzzing around your fruit bowl at home.
  • To stimulate working underground, researchers put the flies on a treadmill of sorts to make them run.
  • Flies are surprisingly similar to humans – up to 80% of the genes in humans are found in flies, making flies great models for the genetics of human metabolism.

Photos of FLAME

The Flygometer: a fruit fly treadmill to simulate the work environment. The flies otherwise are sedentary in their environments.
FLAME PI Thomas Merritt observes fruit flies
Fruit flies in labelled and grouped test tubes for the FLAME experiment
Test tubes with Drosophilia melanogaster fruit flies.
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