CASST: The Canadian Astroparticle Summer Student Talk Competition

August 17-18, 2023

The Canadian astroparticle summer student talk competition an event designed for undergraduate students to present talks about their summer research to peers and members of the community. This has been a long standing event and will be co-hosted again this year by SNOLAB and the McDonald Institute.

This is a hybrid event; participants are invited to Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario to present their talks in person, but will also have the option to present remotely.

CASST Poster

Community Art Project

The CASST 2023 participants will be invited to make squares for a community quilt. They can show their journey to science, a memorable moment from this summer’s research, where they see themselves in the scientific community, or what direction they want the field to go. CASST participants can draw this vision on a fabric squares with fabric markers. Virtual participants can send a picture to be printed on fabric and included with the in-person participants, so we can include the whole community.

Planetarium Show – Doran Planetarium

Cosmology: the Greatest Story Ever Told, So Far – People of all ages and across cultures have been constructing stories about the origin and the nature of the universe based on what they see and imagine — some are just fun, some give meaning to life, some seek truths.

EDI Workshop

This Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) workshop will deliver practical tools and understandings for inclusive research environments.

Networking and Career Path Workshop

The participatory networking workshop focuses on communication techniques to develop meaningful and reciprocal connections. Exercises identifying strengths and challenges will provide a resource for effective communication and collaboration.