SNOLAB is hosting a two day summit that will bring the international community together to discuss the future of neutrinoless double-beta decay.

The nature of the neutrino is a top international scientific priority. Neutrinoless double-beta decay is one of the most promising experimental techniques to answer key questions about this elusive particle. There is an international effort to support the continued progress in the search for neutrinoless double-beta decay.

The purpose of the 2nd International Summit on the Future of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay is to bring together stakeholders in this pursuit to continue discussions on the strategy and path to progress in this scientific priority. Below is a schedule of events with all times listed in EDT.

Day One: 2nd International Summit on the Future of 0νββ

Thursday April 27th, 2023
EDTSummit day one online meeting link
9:00 amWelcomeDr. Jodi Cooley, ED, SNOLAB
9:15 amCanadian Sub-Atomic Physics Long Range PlanDr. Brigitte Vachon, McGill University
10:15 amBreak
10:45 amnEXODr. Thomas Brunner, McGill University
Dr. Beatrice Franke, TRIUMF
11:45 pmLEGENDCollaboration To Present
12:45 pmBreak
1:30 pmCUPIDCollaboration To Present
2:30 pmBeyond Tonne Scale Talk Dr. Art McDonald, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University
3:30 pmBreak
3:30 pmSNOLAB Virtual Seminar – SNO+Dr. Mark Chen, SNO+, Queen’s University

Day Two: 2nd International Summit on the Future of 0νββ

Friday April 28th, 2023
EDTSummit day two online meeting link
1:00 pmScientific ColloquiumDr. David McKeen, TRIUMF
2:30 pmScientific Talk Steffon Luoma, SNOLAB