Publications from SNOLAB

In June 2001, SNO Scientists used the capability of the SNO detector to measure all three types of neutrinos to determine solar neutrinos are changing their flavour enroute to Earth, thus providing answers to questions about neutrino properties and solar energy generation. SNO was the first neutrino detector in the World to identify the changes in neutrinos during their journey from the Sun.

Since this initial finding, SNO and SNOLAB have continued to generate published reports concerning neutrinos and other topics involved in our science programme. There have been in excess of 700 technical reports issued detailing technical and other matters relating to the construction and calibration of the neutrino detector as well as more than 50 published papers and conference proceedings on astroparticle physics research undertaken at SNO and SNOLAB.

Collaboration Title
SNOLAB Low Background Measurement Capabilities at SNOLAB
Ian Lawson

SNOLAB Charge reconstruction in large-area photomultipliers
M. Grassi et al.

SNOLAB Measurement of the multi-TeV neutrino interaction cross-section with IceCube using Earth absorption
The IceCube Collaboration

SNOLAB How Scientists Unlock Secrets of the Universe from Deep Underground
E. Caden

SNOLAB Activities of γ-ray emitting isotopes in rainwater from Greater Sudbury, Canada following the Fukushima incident
B. T. Cleveland et al.
arXiv:1201.3970 (Jan 2012)
SNOLAB The Construction and Anticipated Science of SNOLAB
F. Duncan et al.
Annu. Rev. Nucl. Part Sci. 2010. 60: 163-80
SNOLAB Measurement of the thorium-228 activity in solutions cavitated by ultrasonic sound
R. Ford et al.
Physics Letters A, Volume 374, Issue 5, 18 January 2010, Pages 701-703
arXiv:0911.1387 (Sep 2011)
SNOLAB Shotcrete Application in SNOLAB
S. Bhan, F. Duncan, I. Lawson, C. McDonald