Completed Experiments

SNO - SNO (Sudbury Neutrino Observatory) was a neutrino observatory located 6800 feet underground in what is now Vale Creighton Mine. The detector was designed to detect solar neutrinos through their interactions with a large tank of heavy water and completed its data run in 2006. SNOLAB is an expansion of the existing facilities constructed for SNO.  

PICASSO - PICASSO (Project In CAnada to Search for Supersymmtric Objects) was a dark matter search experiment that has completed its data run at SNOLAB. 

DEAP 1 - DEAP 1 (Dark matter Experiment using Argon Pulse-shape discrimination) is a liquid-argon dark matter detector. It has been used as a prototype and testbed for DEAP-3600 and MiniCLEAN and has completed its run at SNOLAB.

PUPS - PUPS (POLARIS Underground Project at SNO) was a unique field experiment in 3D seismic monitoring at SNOLAB. The focus of this project is engineering seismology studies related to source and site effects.