Publication of the LRT2010 Workshop Proceedings

The workshop proceedings will be published by the American Institute of Physics through their AIP conference proceedings service. The published hard bound copy will be 8.5"x11" in size with contributed papers in black and white single-column format. We request that all workshop speakers submit a contributed paper to the proceedings. Also we invite participants with posters to submit papers to the proceedings. Please see the information for authors page on the AIP website when creating your paper. The AIP's webpage 8.5x11 single-sided instructions contains futher information and resources. We post here some of the useful files and templates:

AIP guide for authors and sample paper:
8.5x11 inch single-column instruction booklet
8.5x11 inch single-column sample paper

AIP permission forms for authors:
AIP form for transfer of copyright
AIP form for permission to reprint published material

Guide and files for working in MS-Word:
8.5x11 inch single-column MS-Word template
AIP Users Guide for MS Word submission templates

Guide and files for working in LaTeX:
PDF guide
LaTeX README.txt file
LaTeX FAQ.txt file
8.5x11 inch single-column sample paper in postscript
LaTeX macros as zip archive

Please note the following:
- The papers are printed in Black and white (greyscale), we suggest to convert colour photos and figures to black and white to ensure proper greyscale rendering.
- Suggested paper length is 4-8 single column 8.5"x11" pages, maximum 10 pages.
- Please use the supplied style files to ensure consistency of style (titles, headers, references and notes etc.)
- Please complete the transfer of copyright form.
- Be sure to submit a permission form for the inclusion of any published material (even if the work is your own). Please consult the permission section of the instruction booklet above. Do this as early as possible, as this is the source of most delays.

We want to have the proceeding published by November 29th 2010. Thus we ask that papers be submitted by the November 22nd 2010. Please submit contributions to Richard Ford (