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Research Interests 

The unifying goal of my research is to understand the universe at the most fundamental level, an objective which is perhaps overly ambitious but certainly challenging.  I currently am a collaborator on the PICO experiment which is located at SNOLAB and searching for dark matter.  PICO currently leads the world in sensitivity to dark matter colliding with the proton in a spin-dependent interaction.  I also work with the IceCube collaboration studying low-energy neutrinos at the South Pole and am particularly invested in the proposed PINGU sub-detector which will increase our sensitivity to potential dark matter interactions. 


Some selected publications:

  • PINGU: A Vision for Neutrino and Particle Physics at the South Pole, The IceCube-Gen 2 Collaboration, Submitted arXiv: 1607.02671
  • Dark Matter Search Results from the PICO-2L C3F8 Bubble Chamber, PICO Collaboration, 2015, 6 pp. Physical Review Letters 114, 231302 arXiv: 1503.00008
  • The Calibration System for the Photomultiplier Array of the SNO+ Experiment, R.Alves, S.Andringa, S.Bradbury, J.Carvalho, D.Chauhan, K.Clark, I.Coulter, F.Descamps, E.Falk, L.Gurriana, C.Kraus, G.Lefeuvre, A.Maio, J.Maneira, M.Mottram, S.Peeters, J.Rose, L.Seabra, J.Sinclair, P.Skensved, J.Waterfield, R.White, J.Wilson, 2014, 31 pp. Journal of Instrumentation 10 arXiv: 1411.4830
  • First Results from the LUX Dark Matter Experiment at the Sanford Underground Research Facility, The LUX Collaboration, 2014, 6pp. Phys. Rev. Lett 112 091303 arXiv: 1310.8214

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Ken.Clark _at_ snolab.ca  

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1039 Regional Road 24

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