SNOLAB is walking to the Moon

SNOLAB is walking to the Moon

May 25, 2020: 2231 km

‚ÄčWe've gone past all crewed space stations and officially moved beyond low earth orbit. The only humans who have gone farther are those astronauts who were part of the Apollo program (and Starman, the mannequin strapped into the Tesla that SpaceX launched).


May 19, 2020: 927 km  

We’ve gone higher than Sputnik 1 & 2 (and Laika) were at the low point in their orbit. We also zipped past the ISS this week.


May 11, 2020: 197 km

Collectively, we’ve walked 197 km – we’ve officially made it into space and are quickly approaching the low point in Sputnik 1’s orbit! Thanks to Nigel for submitting the first 2 km to get us up to surface from the underground lab.


Why walk to the moon?

With the current physical distancing requirements, we wanted to create something that brings people together. The weather is also getting nicer, which seems like a great opportunity to get outside. With this in mind, we’ve launched a walk to the Moon challenge 


How to take part?

We’ve expanded this initiative beyond the SNOLAB community and are encouraging everyone to join in – the Moon is a bit of a long walk. If you want to participate, use this anonymous form to submit any distance you walk (or run, or hike, etc.) to be added to the total: If you walk with family/roommates/others inside your bubble feel free to include their distance too. Note: the form has both steps and kilometres to make it easier for more people to track their distance – you only need to choose one when you submitSteps are submitted anonymously, but we do ask participants to share what country you are living in to get an idea of where our steps are coming from. The particle physics community is international, so we hope to see submissions from around the globe. 


How to keep track of the journey? 

Progress reports will be shared weekly on our social media channels, @SNOLABscience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and this story will also be updated to reflect progress. Happy walking!