Science Literacy Week

Science Literacy Week

This week is Science Literacy Week in Canada, "a nationwide celebration highlighting the excellence and diversity of science outreach events, resources and organizations from coast to coast." SNOLAB will be at the Sudbury Farmer's Market this Saturday with outreach activities, and we've also compiled a reading list of physics books for all ages to enjoy. 

Check out the list below for your next favourite science book!


Andrea Beaty and David Roberts
Bill Bryson
James Lu Dunbar
Chris Ferrie 
Chris Ferrie and Julia Kregenow
Karen Fox
James Gladstone 
Lucy and Stephen Hawking
Elin Kelsey
David Macaulay
John McGranaghan
Jennifer Morgan
Randall Munroe
Sydney Padua
Ben Still
Megan Watzke and Kimberly Arcand



Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson
Brian Cox
Richard Feynman
Brian Greene
Stephen Hawking
Sabine Hossenfelder
Ray Jayawardhana
Clifford Johnson
Keith Laidler
Janna Levin
Janna Levin
Lisa Randall
Mary Roach
Carl Sagan 
Lee Smolin

Note: Titles marked with * are available through the Greater Sudbury Public Library